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The nostalgic tune of Cliff Richard’s “We’re all going on a summer holiday” might be the soundtrack to your employees’ upcoming break, but what happens when everyone wants to take off at the same time? This scenario can create a unique challenge for business owners, directors, and managers in Retford, Worksop, Lincoln, Doncaster, and Rotherham or indeed across the rest of the country.

Striking a balance between ensuring staff happiness and maintaining smooth business operations is akin to performing a high-stakes juggling act. But worry not, we have compiled a set of practical strategies to help you manage this situation effectively:

1. Establish a Clear Holiday Policy

A comprehensive and easily understandable holiday policy sets the foundation for successful holiday request management. It should outline the rules and procedures for requesting time off, ensuring all staff members are familiar with the process and comfortable requesting time off. It should cover practical things such as when an employee is sick if they’re actually on holiday and what the arrangements are for time off at Christmas and during other celebrations.

2. Prompt and Fair Review of Holiday Requests

Promptly reviewing holiday requests can help to prevent a backlog and keeps your staff informed about their plans. If multiple employees request the same time off, consider employing a negotiation process that finds a compromise for everyone. This could be on a first come, first served basis.

3. Implement a Holiday Booking System

In today’s digital age, an online holiday booking system can streamline the process of managing employee holidays. It enables staff to see when their colleagues have booked time off and makes tracking leave allowances easier for management. We partner with an affordable HR system provider, which allows us visibility of your employee records – really handy if you don’t have something readily available but still need our support. We can even migrate you across and handle all the admin for you, that’s right – everything!

4. Develop a Contingency Plan

A well-crafted contingency plan ensures business continuity during periods when key members of your team are absent. This could involve cross-training staff or bringing in temporary staff during peak holiday seasons.

5. Encourage Early Holiday Bookings

Encouraging early holiday bookings gives you ample time to plan around absences5. While last-minute holiday requests are unavoidable, promoting early bookings can help minimise potential disruptions.

At Taurus HR Solutions, we understand that managing holiday requests effectively is just one component of an effective HR strategy. We offer comprehensive HR services, including pay reviews, disciplinary hearings, investigations, employment contracts, managing grievances and much more. We also provide expertise in understanding and adhering to UK employment law, offering both retained and ad-hoc services tailored to your specific needs.

Get in touch with us for a free 30-minute call with either Laura or Dylan at Taurus HR Solutions on 0330 043 0897, or email Our mission is to support your business in creating a satisfying and efficient work environment that both you and your employees will love.

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