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We recently supported a small UK business with a redundancy situation, involving an employee who was on maternity leave. It was a very emotional process and the employee was anxious about the future. The employee had a number of years of service and raised a grievance during the process, which was subsequently appealed. With our help, the client was introduced to a close associate who was able to run the grievance concurrently, keeping the client on track with their redundancy process which was supported by us. The consultation process was fully compliant with all employment laws which put the employer in an advantageous position because they had been given competent advice and were following a procedure which was fair to all parties. We supported with every aspect, from preparing the business case, drafting all the letters, attending all the consultation meetings remotely, taking notes, following-up and advising on the law and procedure. Ultimately, the employee was dismissed, and the company can rest assured that there will be no negative consequences based on the expert advice and support they received.

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