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It’s now been almost a week since a new Labour government won a huge majority in the UK.

Before coming to power, the Labour Party published a plan named ‘Delivering a New Deal for Working People’. Within it they promise to introduce legislation in Parliament within 100 days of entering government.

The new government are looking to make a lot of changes to the working world and employment.

These are the key areas that they are looking to alter:

  • Remove the age bands on the minimum wage to ensure every adult worker benefits.
  • Make flexible working the default from day one for all workers except for where it is not reasonably practicable.
  • Strengthen trade union rights.
  • End zero-hour contracts.
  • End ‘fire and rehire’ (the practice of an employer making an employee redundant and then re-engaging them on reduced terms and conditions).
  • Move towards a single status of worker.
  • Strengthen protection of whistleblowers.
  • Strengthen redundancy rights and protections.
  • Ensure parental leave is a day one right.
  • Bring in the ‘right to switch off’ to unblur the lines between work and home life.
  • Unpaid internships will be banned apart from when they are part of an education or training course.
  • Remove the lower earnings limit on statutory sick pay to make it available to all workers and remove the waiting period.
  • Gender pay gap reporting will need to include outsourced workers.
  • The publication of ethnicity and disability pay gaps will also be made mandatory for employers with more than 250 staff, mirroring that of gender pay gap reporting.
  • Large employers with more than 250 employees will need to produce Menopause Action Plans outlining how they will support employees through the menopause.
  • Workers to be able to collectively raise a grievance via ACAS.

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