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If you do not have the appropriate right to work systems in place, it could cost you severely financially.

Take a look at the eye-watering increases coming into force.

From the beginning of 2024, for each worker found to be illegally employed, the business will be levied at £45,000. Bear in mind that as of writing it is £15,000 for a first-time offence. Come early 2024 it will literally be tripling.

For businesses found to have a recurring issue, they can expect a fine of £60,000 per illegal worker employed. Again, tripling from what is around £20,000 currently.

Clearly, there are also the added non-direct costs to a business, for example, its reputation. This is a currency that has taken time to build. Reputations can be restored but it takes time to salvage, some even resorting to a costly re-brand in order to distance themselves from the scandal.

It is paramount, therefore, that a right to work check system is properly implemented and strictly adhered to when hiring employees. It’s just not worth getting caught out.

Even if you have a system in place, ask yourself does it still meet the Home Office guidelines correctly? If it does, great you are covered.

However, even then, it’s worth revisiting these processes on a regular basis as guidance has changed quite often, especially so in the last few years; the pandemic meant the way supporting documents had to be gathered temporarily changed and also the issue of illegal immigration has become a hugely political ‘hot potato’. With a general election looming at some point in the near future, it may well change again. It’s one of those areas of HR that has to be handled ‘on point’.

It also makes sense to keep those involved with administering those checks in your business as up to date as possible as regards the latest Home Office rules and regulations. It also means your team members are keeping their knowledge bang up to date and know they are carrying out their role professionally.

With good intentions, it is still possible to be caught out.

Following the Home Office guidelines isn’t always that easy, we know this at Taurus HR Solutions, as life is never straightforward, and situations can occur that can be difficult to navigate. This is where unintentionally you can fall foul of the system. Don’t let it be you.

Here at Taurus HR Solutions we can audit what you already have in place and ensure that you are meeting the requirements securely; protecting your business and giving you peace of mind.

Remember Taurus HR Solutions has in-house legal knowledge which makes us a unique HR consultancy! Laura is an employment lawyer and an experienced HR consultant.

If you need support please get in touch on 0330 043 0897 or email and we will be happy to guide you on this matter or any other HR issue.

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